Volunteering without
leaving your couch!

Get involved in the Democratic process while you help Tara get elected. Because of Covid-19 safety precautions our 2020 Campaign for Town Board Member will look a little bit different than the usual door to door canvassing and large gatherings.

Instead we will focus on postcard writing, social media, phone banking , yard signage ,virtual interactions on Zoom and/or Webex, and smaller, more intimate in person meet and greets .  We can use your help with any of these actions and would more than welcome your opening your backyard to small groups of  your friends and neighbors who are interested in meeting Tara Conte.


If you would like to REQUEST A LAWN SIGN showcasing Elect Tara Conte please use the form below and select the option "I'll proudly take a lawn sign".

You can see the lawn sign in the images below the form. Please enter your ADDRESS when filing out the form so we can deliver them to you!

There are many important ways that you can volunteer your time and help. Here are just a few of the ways that you can help the campaign.

  • I'll proudly take a lawn sign
  • I can. write postcards
  • I can make phone calls and send texts
  • I can help share on social media and email
  • I can host events
  • I'll do whatever is needed!

Please complete the form below or contact our campaign today!


(Thank you in advance for helping. Click on one or multiple answers.)

Thank you for your support.

Tara Conte

You can also email and tell us how you would like to participate.

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