“Where others try to divide, I promote unity. I am a fierce advocate for children and seniors with a proven track record of working collaboratively and getting things done. I look forward to serving the needs of ALL residents and help ensure Eastchester continues to prosper in a fiscally-sound, transparent, and inclusive way.”


  • Encourage more open government, with better access to information
  • Support citizens’ participation in all town board meetings, in person or remotely
  • Introduce an inclusive process for appointments to boards and committees
  • Promote diversity of views on town boards and committees
  • Ensure government decisions equitably represent residents of all means, colors, creeds, and affiliations
  • Bring a fresh eye to the town budget, and promote efficiencies through collaboration with villages
  • Encourage sustainability actions to help Eastchester do its part to protect the environment
  • Always put residents first!
  • Promote unity in government across party lines 
  • Raise new ideas to help meet evolving needs of our population
Collaboration & Empathy
  • Listen to, and be an advocate for all residents
  • Be especially attuned to residents with greater needs
  • Strive for effective collaboration with all board members
  • Partner with local school boards

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