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Tara Conte
Oct 05 2020

We are actively looking for volunteers to drop Tara Conte campaign literature and make phone calls to voters.

The 2020 Election is rapidly unfolding in front of our eyes. Early voting begins in less than three weeks. Tara Conte is running on both the Independence and Democratic lines and stands firmly behind her campaign slogan “People Before Politics”. Her intention is to provide a voice for everyone in Eastchester, Tuckahoe and Bronxville; both newcomers and multigenerational families alike.

Tara Conte will be the first Democrat to provide a voice for, and representation of, Eastchester Democrats in 12 years. She seeks to actively collaborate with, and oppose when necessary, the all Republican Town Board and Town Supervisor for the benefit of all citizens of Eastchester, Bronxville and Tuckahoe.

We have a challenge ahead of us in the upcoming weeks to reach out to all three communities so that voters can make an informed choice about this critical local election. In a perfect world we would be out ringing doorbells with Tara but because of Covid-19 safety precautions our 2020 Campaign for a new Town Board Member will look a little bit different than the usual canvassing and large gatherings.

Our efforts during these unusual times will be on campaign literature delivery, social media postings, texting, phone banking, yard signage placement and virtual interactions on Zoom. In person meetings will take the form of smaller, more intimate, outdoor in person meet and greets.

We are actively looking for volunteers to drop Tara Conte campaign literature and make phone calls to voters. There is no amount of time or help that is too small! Respond to this email or call 914-484-6520 to tell us where you can hand out palm cards and/or make phone calls. We will put you in touch with the coordinators in your neighborhood. You can also request a lawn sign for Tara, Shelley and Biden.

If you are unable to give your time, please consider giving a donation. Political campaigns are expensive to operate. Please give according to your means:

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