A Thank You to Friends of Elect Tara Conte!

Tara Conte
Nov 20 2020

Dear Friends,

I wanted to formally thank so many people that were involved in my campaign! We were incredibly close and believe next time without a doubt we will prevail! We were up against a lot with this terrible pandemic and the fact that we lost our voting location on Garth Road, West side. We won in so many ways though, friends!
I could not of obtained votes and most of all the confidence of our community without the following colleagues, friends and family. My heart goes out to each and everyone one of you!

Many heartfelt thanks to:

-Westchester County Executive, George Latimer
-Deputy County Executive, Ken Jenkins
-State Senator Shelley Mayer, I adore you and can only hope to make a difference as you continue to do!🌟
-Campaign Manager for Shelley Mayer, Mary Kate O’Sullivan
-Westchester County Democratic Chairperson, Suzanne Berger
-Westchester Democratic Party Attorney, Luke Brussel
-Assemblywoman, Amy Paulin
-County Legislator, Ruth Walter
-County Legislator, Damon Maher
-County Legislator, Jose Alvarado
-County Legislator, Colin Smith
-County Legislator, Tyrae Woodson Samuels
-Village Trustee , Omayra Andino
-Village Trustee, Renee Howell
-Congressman, Jamaal Bowman
-Last but certainly not least, Supreme Court Justice, Alexandra Murphy, grateful we became friends!⭐️

My Campaign Team:

-Marianne Bateman, you inspire me!❤️
-Democratic Chairperson of Eastchester, John Filiberti
-Julz Fortier
-Julie Gurdin
-Avisia Brown and Family (Mom, Dan, Odin and Bjorn)
-Simon Ramsey
-Emma Santo

Friends/Supporters, no specific order :

-Donato Vaccaro
-Peter McCartt
-Fredda Turnof
-Kerry Oristano
-Niamh Hartnett
-Jennifer Colao
-Betsy Harding
-Kara O’Brien
-Jodie Reaver and SWAC PAC
-Mike Grubiak
-Barry Kramer
-John Crittenden
-Valerie Gross Manca
-Nicholas Naber
-Andrew Dapolite
-Cara Kronen
-Tino and Cassandra Kamarck
-Jessie Slater
-Ryan Damon
-Janet Harrison
-Khris Tahmin
-Erin Murray
-David Carforo
-The Hunnewell Family, this means you Jamesy! 🤗
-The Solano Family and Nonno too!
-The Krestik Family
-The Eickmeyer Family
-Samantha Larrea
-Susan Gaines
-Michael Glassman
-Michael Gagion
-Sarah DeRise
-Nur Koyuncu
-Donna Blackman and Mom
-Friends on 100 Columbus Ave.
-Darryl Johnson
-Friends on Jefferson Pl.

And so many other people to thank! We came up a little short on the votes, but not in the heart!

Our children and students of Eastchester, Bronxville and Tuckahoe, this one is for you! I will be back to continue my journey!

And most importantly my Dad, who always believes in me and my vision and pushes me to follow in my beliefs, my five pound little dog, Mr. Soft and my Son who continually tells me I am the strongest person he knows and let’s me know on a daily basis that he is so very proud of me.

I may not of prevailed in this election, until next time friends! Let’s keep moving and believing change is inevitable!

Hugs and love to all of you. Please be well and safe.

People People Politics!

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